I'm Daryl, a self-taught Software Engineer from Zambia


I am a self-taught software engineer with a decade of experience in software system analysis, development, design, modification, integration, testing, documentation, and troubleshooting, as well as integrating activities among multiple stakeholders and teams, both local and remote. 4+ years of experience in curriculum development, developer mentorship, and training. I am passionate about developer advocacy, technical writing, and open source technology.

Work Experience

  1. Developer Advocate and Software Engineer (Independent)

    Coaching and mentoring aspiring and junior developers. Technical writing and content creation. Software engineering and consulting.

  2. Software Engineering Consultant at The ZIG

    Sub-contracted to work on the company’s client projects, both local and remote. Worked on Hrvst, a fresh food delivery service.

  3. Co-founder at Hackers Guild

    Coached and mentored aspiring and junior developers on web development using Agile methodologies.